Asian Gourmet – Atlanta, GA


When I decided to work with Brad and vPromos in July ‘19, I did so do to the great opportunity it would provide in staying in touch with my customers. My regular customers are now visiting me more often and spending more money. Because the terminal is customer facing after I input the check amount, it is limited work for my staff and I and the customers have an easy time enrolling in my Loyalty program. Unlike other loyalty programs, vPromos stays in the background allowing me to communicate with my customer base. I have found texting to be the most efficient and cost effective way of staying in front of my customers.

Brad and the support team have been great to work with. He has frequented my business many times and is always stopping by when he’s in the area to make sure I’m doing well.

“I highly recommend vPromos to any small business looking to improve customer retention and generate an increase in check sizes. A great side benefit is that because the unit is wireless, we use it as pay at the table and we have noticed an increase in our tip amounts.”

Mary, Asian Gourmet owner